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Cheddar Male Choir
Cheddar Male Choir
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Members Area

To get on the CMC cloud for documents & pictures, click on a link below.
Cribb sheets A5 in pdf format*
Learning Aids /Training Tracks
Notice Board
CMC uniform quartermaster's site
Member News
Attendence register
CMC Risk Assessment
Recent Casual pictures OneDrive link
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The colour of the pages visited (the link) turn from blue to gold when you have visited the page.
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* If you don’t have Adobe Acrobat (for opening pdf files) click on the link here to get it and follow the instructions.

If you run a business and would like to be part of our "Business Supporters Club" then for a small annual donation we can advertise your business on this website along with a hyperlink to your own website or email address. Your annual subscription also includes an entry of your advert in our CMC concert Programmes. (See Supporters)
You could become a member of our ever growing “Business Supporter’s Club “
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